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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a giant sinkhole opens up on a major street in union city. and tonight we're just learning there's a new problem. right now that sinkhole is filling with water. >> this messy situation keeps getting worse. this is what it looks like right now. crews have spent hours trying to repair it, and they're still not done. they'll be back out at the intersection of alvarado boulevard and terror ranch road in the morning. the hole opened up around 2:00 this afternoon near a fire station. >> it's about 10-by-12. it is filling with water. one man told us the sinkhome is causing issues with his water. >> my son was in the shower,
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and i saw water turn yellow. i say stop, stop! >> part of the street remains shut down and will stay that way until the hole can be repaired. this view gives you a better idea of how much of the road caved in. the sinkhole is not affecting the fire station nearby. and you can see how quickly the sink hole crew. at first it just looked like a dip in the road. a couple hours later, it was much more pronounced, and finally a gape e ing hole in the street. since when at singing at church a public nuisance? a bay area church has been put on notice, tone it down or pay the price. >> reporter: a meeting tonight that began with music. [ singing ] >> reporter: to talk about music. specifically the gospel music that emanates from pleasant grove missionary baptist church
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in west oakland. some people who are new to the neighborhood have complained it's too loud. the church got slapped with this cease and desist order from the oakland city administrator's office. >> kind of hard to believe because we've been here about 65 years in the community. >> reporter: the letter threatens hefty fines, a $3,500 nuisance fee and $500 per dayday if the noise doesn't stop. >> freedom of religion ought to be respected. >> reporter: tonight they brought together artists and church-goers to talk about solutions to a clash over culture, art, and music. >> a lot of the african american art and music has its roots in the black church of >> reporter: coalition leaders are working with the oakland city council president to protect churches. >> we've already had some discussions with council members. >> reporter: the naacp also
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stands with them. >> there should have been discussion between the community saying the church is making too much noise. >> reporter: it's unclear when any sort of legislation could be drafted. for its part, the church is saying it will go ahead with choir practice tomorrow and in all likelihood, the neighborhood will hear it. before moving ahead with any further action. >> the naacp is working on getting copies of that complaint before they can move ahead with any further action. in san jose, dozens of people lit candles at the stop where three were killed in a street racing crash. there's been a steady flow of family and friends of the victims throughout the day. the teens were street racing late last night, lost control and slammed into a lamp post then a tree. one of those killed was oscar gonzalez. those who knew him are in
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disbelief. >> when we heard, what happened or who's at fault or anything. it was just probably teenagers being kids. i don't know. he's a good kid. >> also killed in the crash, jaylean sirriaso. another guy from gilroy died at the scene. another remains hospitalized in critical condition. the other car sped off. an announcement at a target store in san jose got shoppers' attention. all of a sudden, it sounded like an x-rated movie was playing over the loud speaker. >> reporter: whatever it was, it made people inside the target store cringe. one man recorded it. was taken aback, appalled a
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very frustrated." (station statement) target kpix 5 a statement that rean part: "we are actively r ation with the t >> reporter: this was not who shoppers at the westgate mall target came in for, what sounds like porn, loud and clear on the intercom. >> i felt violated. and my body said wait a minute, this ain't right. i was uneasy. >> reporter: so were a lot of other shoppers, including mrmths with babies -- mothers with babies. the customer who shot the cellphone video says sexually explicit monies and groans were bad enough. [ cursing ] >> reporter: there was lots of profanity too. the store apologized over the pa. and then it started again. [ groaning ] >> i thought it may have been halloween related. maybe an employee playing games. but this was rated x material.
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>> reporter: "we're actively reviewing the situation with the team to better understand what happened. "he says target should have had more safeguards. >> that's not enough. it's too egregious to have people experience. >> reporter: target can't go into more detail. interestingly, a paper in san luis reported an almost identical incident happening down there back in july. >> sounds a little like a copycat. we'll find out. >> reporter: we don't know if there's a link, but interesting. >> thanks for that. this is a man police say
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started a fire under walmart. police say johnson torched the halloween aisle. detectives have surveillance video of johnson skwirlting lighter fluid on items all over the store. she due in court tomorrow. damage from the valley fire in lake county is likely to surpass $1.5 billion. that's according to a preliminary estimate it. burned 76,000 acresacres. the three suspects in two bay area murders made their first court appearance today. the suspects killed a backpacker in golden gate park
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and a therapist on a hiking trail in marin county. it allows time for two of the accused to find court-appointed attorneys. a cal professor apologized but that wasn't enough. tonight he's calling it quits. the sexual harassment scandal that ended the career of one of the top astronomers in the world. >> i think it's completely inappropriate. i wouldn't even think that would exist here. >> i didn't see that. >> reporter: in the world of astronomy, jeff marcy was a real star. after the scandal broke wide- open last week, he vowed to continue on. and the university would let him. in the end the pressure was too much. and the professor called it quits. this afternoon, cal e-mailed every student and faculty member defending how it handled the situation saying "it is important to understand that
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leadership considered options. we did not have the authority to unilaterally impose any disciplinary sanctions.." in june a university investigation found marcy violated campus sexual harassment policies. some complaints as far back as 2001 about marcy inappropriately massaging female students and talking about his own sexual experiences. >> i'm note thrilled by it for sure. it definitely doesn't seem like enough. >> berkeley is a generally progressive campus. the fact they didn't correct that right away makes me uncomfortable. >> reporter: the accusations included marcy inappropriately touching female students, massaging them, and talking about his own sexual experiences. majority of his astronomy colleagu calling fo >> the professor's resignation came two days after a majority of his astronomy colleagues signed a letter calling for the
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university to fire him. we're hearing the just released 911 call from a las vegas brothel where former nba star lamar odom was found unconscious. he had taken 10 doses of a t -- >> odom is on life support tonight in a vegas hospital. authorities say he had taken ten doses of a viagra-like supplement, one apparently the fda has repeatedly issued warnings over. his ex-wife will reportedly make medical decisions on his behalf. chaos at airports across the country tonight. travellers stuck in customs lines for hours. it's all because of a computer
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glitch. >> we checked with sfo, officials are confirming their system did go down as well. it didn't last too long but things were much worse at other major airports across the country. f homeland se >> reporter: security officials confirmed that u.s. customs and border protection computers that check airline passengers against the department of homeland security's terrorism watch list had a router problem tonight. that caused the system to briefly crash. a law enforcement source told cbs news there are ways to manually match terror watch list names with passengers. he says it is a tedious process, but it is possible. the computer glitch caused long lines at customs checkpoints. >> i'm bad at estimating the numbers, but there must be a good thousand people waiting of >> reporter: problems were reported at several airports including jfk, boston, dallas- fort worth, charlotte, and
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baltimore. customs and border patrol says the outage lasted about 90 minutes. it does not appear there was any foul play involved. too hot to handle! one bay area guy tells us his new phone started smoking right in his hands. and he's not the only one complaining. >> a san francisco property just hit the market, $50,000! you heard me right. so what's the catch? >> and the east bay on shaky ground tonight. the quake swarm along the fault. more than two dozen in 24 hours. >> 500 lightning strikes in the central valley over the past one hour! guess what, some of that rainfall is heading here. ,,
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100-grand? andria borba fo there's not much real estate under $1 million in san francisco. how about under $100,000? but there is a catch. >> reporter: we've all heard the ridiculous tales of san francisco real estate prices. for just $50,000, you can get a property that's a full city block long. it's 81 22nd avenue in the lake district. but you better enjoy weather- beaten concrete and fresh air, buzz that will just buy this driveway. >> that's all it is. >> reporter: the owner is an east coast investor who bought the property at a tax auction. >> i don't think he knew what he was buying. he just saw an address in san francisco for a cheap price and said why not?
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>> this is the kitchen? >> that's the kitchen. that's the drain. >> reporter: after coming up with a street number so it could be listed, he has received calls from buyers willing to build one very long, skinny house. >> maybe i could put a little house there somewhere, and the neighbors won't mind. but the problem is, there's no room to do it! it is just a driveway that goes into people's garages. that's it. >> reporter: all of the homeowners with property on lake and west clay have easements to get their cars in and out. >> there's nowhere to build here at all. >> no. not here. >> reporter: neighbors think someone might be willing to buy the driveway to other people's beds. >> it's good if you can find somebody with money to make a mistake like that. >> reporter: and having a san francisco address does have its perks. >> you can get a discount at the golf course, i'm sure. so if you play a lot of golf, you might make it up this 30 years.
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property on the ma >> if you built over it, put your house up here, let them go in a tunnel underneath? believe it or not the driveway is the cheapest property on the market in san francisco! uber just launched a new delivery service some say is a game-changer for small businesses. uber rush allows any shop to sign up and use an uber driver as a delivery person. businesses can track the driver like uber riders do with the app. how this is different from other home delivery services? amazon, google, and instacart only offer deliveries from a select number of mostly big-box retailers, leaving the mom and pop shop to fend for themselves. it's not unusual for a cellphone to get warm. but a growing number of people are complaining their new iphones are running hot. an extreme case where the victim says his phone went up in smoke. >> and the smoke was just coming through the middle of
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it. >> reporter: one of the hottest phones on the market. just ask kevin. >> i heard a pop noise. >> reporter: he was sitting in his car last week when he hit the home button, and the device literally went up in smoke. >> started smoking, really hot. >> reporter: it left a mark. apple refused to comment on the situation though it did agree to replace kevin's phone. but yahoo tech editor in chief says kevin is not the only one complaining their iphone 6 got too hot. >> there's a lot of chatter online about people not being able to touch their phones because they're so hot. the processor has gotten so powerful that the phone can't handle the heat. >> reporter: the recommendation? turn off unnecessary app when is they're not in use and disable your automatic updates. and lower your phone's brightness level so it doesn't have to work so hard.
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users say more needs to be done. >> every time i look at it, i'm going to remind myself, my phone blew up in my hand. >> apple says it deals with situations like this on a case by case basis. a swarm of small earthquakes on the east bay. more than 30! my house is somewhere in there. may managed to shake the ground, a magnitude 1.6 to a 3.0. >> this may continue on for several days, it may end later today. >> geologists say the quakes are most likely a result of the seismic activity on the cawell, arc veras fault line.
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tomorrow is the great california shakeout. cities around the bay will be holding earthquake drills. >> we have a lot of activity in the south bay. a lot of thunderstorms down there check out all the lightning by bakersfield. 550 lightning strikes over the past one hour. and some of that unstable air is making it up toward us. on our radar, the northern periphery of that low giving you shoufrz in the east bay -- showers in the east bay. a couple earthquake, now a couple rain showers! san ramon, dublin, black hawk, and walnut creek. on the northern fringe of an area of low pressure, thinning. this is the same one from 12 days ago passed by, gave us some wind and thunderstorms.
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increased cloud cover, and storm activity. the better chance of shower coming saturday morning. this one coming in from the north. we'll approach friday. a front will sweep through on saturday. the majority of the rainfall will stay away. we'll get clipped by a little bit of rain especially in the north bay coming up on saturday. we are inching our way closer to the wet season. how much rainfall? if you get a few drips, that'll likely be it for san francisco. best chance of accumulating rainfall will be the far north bay. a couple showers tonight. that mainly dry front will pass through saturday. temperatures not even hitting 80 with isolated showers in the north bay. tomorrow cooler but stickier. hayward 77. low 80s san ramon. 76 in oakland and 82 in cloverdale. friday a mixture of sun and
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clouds. saturday a couple north bay showers before the sunshine returns on sunday. >> makes it fun. thank you. what kind of person would steal a puppy? >> and on the late show, jack black. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a stolen puppy back safe and sound at animal control. >> someone stole this two- month-old pitbull named louis from his enclosure last week. they claimed they got him from someone on the street. >> he's in pretty good shape. he's got a sfm ache and a cold -- stomachache and a cold but he should be just fine in a few days. >> shelter reps say it's rare for someone to break into the enclosure and they are reviewing their procedures. >> tonight the puppy nappers are still on the loose. the woman on the left is a person of interest. and the guy on the right was seen with her. two more game 5s in
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baseball's playoffs! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another run this year while giants sit at home.. kansas city looks primed to make another run this year with the giants sitting at home. johnny cueto retired the final 19 astros batters. the royals went on a run in the 5th. kc wins 7-2. back in the american league championship series. they will play the winner of the blue jays and the rangers. in the 7th, run scores on the play, nerve toronto fired up. they threw beer on the field. a baby in the front row was hit by debris! come on. in the bottom of the 7th, jose batista drills a 3-run shot to ice the game. toronto is headed to the alcs in spite of all that emotion. remember college forbear's
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home run last night? it landed on the stop of the scoreboard at wrigley field! the cubs mounted thearound the scoreboard and put signs around it. " john harbaugh getting payback for his brother's departure from the 49ers, not part of his game plan. [ laughter ] >> it's a meaningful game for torrey smith who was a big part of beating the 49ers in the super bowl. smith was asked what his favorite memory of that game was. >> they'll joke with me, because they're playing it in here right now, and he's like you didn't deserve that! joking about the game. but the thing i remember most is just looking around and just keying all those flashes when the first kickoff went off. and beyonce. [ laughter ] >> i was on a baltimore radio
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show yesterday. and they were saying how torrey smith, they didn't think was worth the price. and that's why he's no longer in baltimore. you talk about payback, this is payback! >> they lost a lot of players. >> if you're a fantasy player, book him! over 100 yards. 2 touchdowns. the late show wi,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> the lye show coming up next. >> football tomorrow night right here! >> jon: welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! welcome, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you so much. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: welcome, everybody.


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